All screenshots are in French, but the application is available in English !

Main Window

The main window of the application.
You can consult all your issued documents here, as well as easily check the outstanding payments.
By right-clicking on a document other options are displayed

Client Selection

Selection of a customer with search on his name or reference

New Document

  • Type : Type of document, Invoice, Quote, etc ...
  • Document N° : The reference of the document. Uses our formatting engine
  • Payed : Allows you to mark a document as payed
  • Date : The official date for the document
  • Currency : Choice Of Currency. There are more currencies available in the settings


The Settings page

Template Editor

The template editor, which allows you to customize your invoice layouts easily.
Everything is editable.
Video Tutorial

Template Editor: Color Mapping

Change all colors of a template in seconds

Sending Emails

Send emails thru the application
Fields are filled automatically with document data

Customer Data

The classic customer card, with a check and auto-fill (optional) from the VAT number