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in minutes

Confused with complex billing software ? We are here to help you. Now create
your invoices easily in a couple of clicks

No monthly subscriptions
works offline

Manage your invoices easily, instantly from your computer
Don't be dependent on a Cloud service.

Developped in 2004
And now at it's 3rd version

Since 2004, EZFAk is used on a daily basis and has been rewritten and adapted to take into account your suggestions.
This new version brings new features, such as the integrated Template editor, or sending emails straight from the application. But always keeping a clean and simple interface.
Free Invoicing Application

What it can do

Invoices, ProForma, Credit note,...

Allows for the creation of Invoices, but also ProForma and credit notes

One time fee

Pay once for your licence. ever. no monthly subscription or hidden fees


Easy to use, easy to setup


Comes out of the box with over 50 curriences. But only show your favorites in the Application


Handles up to 4 different tax rates on the same document

Recurring Invoices

You make the same invoice over and over ? Just click and duplicate an existing one

Customer Management

Easy management of your customer database

Works offline

You're not dependent on a third party Cloud service that could disappear any day with your data


Developped especially for small to medium businesses

what our clients say...

I set up my invoices with Word, what a difference now. I find and consult my invoices and my quotations in 2 seconds.

Benjamin P.

Easy to use and I am not a computer specialist. Great duplication to create my subscription bills, it's done in 2 clicks.

Georges F.

How easy! Thank you for adding the pro-forma function. It's nice to see that you are listening when we make remarks.

John G.

I have been using Excel for years to make my bills but now with this program it's a real treat.

Anne D

I have seen this program at a friend who has been using it for several months and I immediately bought it. No more monthly subscriptions as I had with the competitor program.

Abdel B.

My invoices in Excel that I used cause me problems with different VAT rates. I should have known you well before because it is settled now.

Lucas M.

Great automatic filling of customer data by entering only its VAT number.

Lucie R.

Price more than correct, I got fed up with these programs with monthly subscription. At the end of the year it costs a fortune. Too bad not to have known you sooner. I like the checkbox for payments. At a glance I see the outstanding.

Niels K.

I rarely give compliments but I am delighted with the program and moreover I find it very honest not to charge for updates.

Suzanne F.